Making Your Rota & Invoicing
With a great staffing solutions for Agencies, Nursing, Domiciliary, Security, Hotels, etc.

Benefits You'll Enjoy

  • Drag 'n' Drop shifts to assign them!

  • Very Cost effective.

  • Good oversight of your business.

  • Easy Creation of client invoices.

  • Instant overview of Staff payroll.

  • Online SSL Security - A Peace of mind

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Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets, Say hello to simple scheduling

You will find below some power packed features of Happy Rota.


Happy Rota provides you with a very powerful and simple drag ‘n’ drop feature for scheduling shifts!


This module give you an oversight of how your business is doing.You can see the profit you are making for your business.

Client Invoicing

You can create invoices for your clients at the click of the mouse. Export nicely formatted excel file ready to be emailed to your client.

Staff Payroll

With our payroll feature you can view your staff’s amounts each week.You also get total hours and total amounts for all staff.

Colour Coded Shifts

Each shift template can be colour coded for easy identification when assigning shifts to your staff.


You can assign multiple locations for each client. A powerful tool to manage all your client’s locations that you send your staff to.


Add and manage your staff with ease.You can also manage your staff's Availability, locations permitted and positions.

Shift Approval

Our Shift Approval mechanism ensures that client invoices are only created including all staff shifts you have approved.

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